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Phone Unlock :
For all your mobile phone and computer solutions
As a mobile phone unlocking specialist;
We provide unlocking solutions for most GSM hand sets. Whether you've bought a phone from overseas that does not work with your New Zealand SIM card or simply need a part replaced, we can help!
Although we are based in Auckland we aim to provide an effective service to customers nationwide. We have devised an easy to follow guide for customers needing their phones unlocked, who are outside of driving distance. 
Simply follow these instructions to send in your phone - we will unlock the phone and send it back to you.
Further inquiries contact us via phone or email for free advice or assistance.
also i need same instructions what this web side giving for repair.
We repair all makes and models of mobile phone. We have a team of highly skilled engineers, with a vast experience of electronics repairs. We can fix anything from a simple microphone problem to handsets deemed "beyond economical repair" (BER) due to liquid ingress (water damage). 
For warranty
All our warranty works on a Return To Base basis. This means that should a fault occur with your product, it will need to be returned to us for assessment.
Once we have received an item, we will book the item provide the job number and it will go into queue and approximate time will be given to repair but it varies in different situations depending on parts availability . All items are repaired if possible, if a repair is not possible or feasible, we will arrange a replacement item, if a replacement is not possible we will arrange a credit or refund if the product is still under warranty. All service items are subject to a $25 deposit payable at the time of booking item in. This deposit will be refunded should the item be repaired, replaced or credited under warranty. Should the item be found to be non-warranty, this deposit is kept as an assessment fee and will not be refunded.
Please Note
Warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Liquid/Moisture, sand/dust, impact or any other damage will not be covered under the warranty. The original receipt is required for a warranty claim.
Data Loss Warning for Electronic Device Repairs
Please back up all data prior to submitting your product for repairs.
Electronic devices may lose some or all of the user software settings and data during the process of assessment, diagnosis and repair. This data may not be recoverable, so we strongly recommend that you back up any data prior to booking a device in for an assessment.
Service and Repair Guide
Please include Your faulty device and its battery, a copy of your receipt, your contact details and a note explaining the fault. If the fault is Power Related, please send your charger and adapter as well. 
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