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Terms and Conditions
SERVICE WARRANTY: Mobile Phone Solutions warranty only applies when the same fault occurs of the replaced part fails within 30 days of repair. EQUIPMENT FOUND TO BE LIQUID OR PHYSICALLY DAMAGED MAY, AT DISCRETION OF THE REPAIRER, IS EXCLUDED FROM ALL WARRANTIES. Our limited warranty does not cover the following:
*Failure or defects caused by misuse, abuse, accident, physical damage, abnormal operation, improper handling or storage, neglect, alternation, removal or repairs, failure to follow instructions, exposure to fire, water, liquid, food.
*Please be aware that all data & settings may lose in some cases in the process of assessment and repair and may not be recoverable. Mobile Phone Solutions does not accept any responsibility for such loss of any user settings, contact list or data. Customer will be advice to ensure all data is backed up prior to submitting in the unit for repair. Any claim against Mobile Phone Solutions will be limited to the value of the hardware being repaired.
*The equipment maybe kept in lieu of payment if you cannot be contacted after 30 days from service completion or you being notified available for collection. Your equipment may be retained permanently by Mobile Phone Solutions to defray assessment, storage and/or repair costs and that I/We will have no claim against Mobile Phone Solutions for said equipment once retained.
*If you are given loan equipment it must be returned within 7 days after you.
a) Are notified that the equipment submitted for repair cannot be repaired,
b) Have decided not to proceed with any service.
If you damage or lose or do not return the loan equipment you will be charged for its repair or replacement.
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